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More than 800 initiatives in the U.S. and Canada are listed in this on-line directory. Together they represent a broad spectrum of work inspired by the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner. While this directory presents the "anthroposophical movement", it does not attempt to be exclusively "anthroposophical" (See "No Endorsement Implied" below.)

Included are many types of businesses and enterprises: Waldorf schools, Biodynamic farms and gardens, Camphill villages, the Christian Community, medical and therapeutic professionals, artists, scientists, colleges, adult education centers, consultants, and businesses of many types.

In addition, there is a listing of geographically based study groups and "interest" groups as well as contact information for more than 70 international Anthroposophical Societies.

No Endorsement Implied

This directory may be the broadest of its kind, but it is not exhaustive. There are, no doubt, dozens of initiatives that could have been included but were unaware of our efforts to create and maintain this directory. Participation in the directory is an attempt to be helpful to the broader anthroposophic community and does not imply that an organization is in any way officially affiliated with the Anthroposophical Society, that the Society endorses its work, or that the initiative endorses the work of the Society.

Printed and Electronic Versions

This directory is published in a printed form which, with the on-line version, is designed to be a useful resource for anyone looking for people working with anthroposophical ideas and principles in North America. Information on how to order the printed version is at the bottom of this page. It may also be ordered on-line in the Online Store section of the Society's home page:

On-Line Features

This on-line version has several innovative features:
  • Edit or add initiative data on-line.
  • Send emails directly from the directory.
  • Link to web sites directly from the directory.

Help The Community Maintain This Directory

The Anthroposophical Society has sought to ensure the accuracy of the material published here but the Society assumes no responsibility for this material or the on-going maintenance of this information. This web-based directory is designed to make it possible for initiatives to edit or add their information themselves. If you note inaccuracies or omissions, we hope that you will let the initiative know so that they may go on-line and edit or add their information. In this way, the anthroposophical community can share the responsibility for having a useful resource.

How To Order Printed Copies:

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Or, they may be ordered on-line on the Society's web site: in the Online Store section.
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